LA Animation & VFX Pipeline Developers User Group

 In Talks

was humbled to have been invited by Fran Zandonella, Sr. Pipeline TD, & Dane Bettis, Pipeline TD at Framestore, to present my cinematography research with the SmartVCS at Framestore’s LA office to members of the Los Angeles Animation & Visual Effects Pipeline Developers User Group. I had the opportunity to meet with Fran and Dane at SIGGRAPH 2013 where they expressed interest in having me speak (and hopefully inspire) some pipeline professionals in the area. As an addition to my research presentation, I was also able to outline some of the work I am doing at SideFX with the Houdini Engine as well as go into more technical detail on the construction of my system.

It was a nice gathering of industry minds at the facility’s screening room (~30 individuals as well as a live online broadcast stream) where I was able to set up a demo station for hands-on walkthroughs after the talk. Honestly, it is always great to hear feedback and genuine interest by such accomplished professionals and talk about our respective visions for the future of the industry. We exist at a crossroads in this industry between game development and film production where tools, like this, are being developed to blur the lines between the two media, enabling new & dynamic production pipelines.