SIGGRAPH 2018: Real-Time Live

 In Talks

hroughout SIGGRAPH 2018, MPC Film publicly debuted our Virtual Production Platform Genesis. At DigiPro, MPC R&D “Advancing the Craft of Visual Effects” Day, and at Real-Time Live, we presented the technical capabilities of the system through an interactive virtual production demonstration.

Genesis offers filmmakers full multi-user collaboration and live manipulation of sets and characters, while offering high quality real-time renders with special attention to lighting. In addition, it providing VR and AR enabled tools for a more immersive experience for the Director and enhanced on-set workflows.

Specifically at Real-Time Live, in front of an audience of 2000+ people, we demonstrated a Unity-powered virtual production platform that pushes the boundaries of real-time technologies to empower filmmakers with full multi-user collaboration and live manipulation of whole environments and characters. Special attention is dedicated to high-quality real-time graphics, as evidenced by Unity’s “Book of the Dead.”

This set of presentations took place at the SIGGRAPH 2018 Conference in Vancouver.